We’re a small team that really care about the world we’re creating together.

Skwoodle Social Justice Kid Puzzles
We’re a sister project of environmental hub Nowhere & Everywhere and we’re very passionate about including everyone, no matter how kids show up in your life. We've got a lot to do together in this world; we're only just getting started.

Whether you’re a teacher with or without children in your home, if you’ve made the heartbreaking, difficult, or easy decision not to have biological children but have kids in your life in another way, if you desperately wanted children but weren't able to, if you’re a step parent loving most moments or riding out the choppy waves, if you’re a foster parent on an emergency or long-term basis opening your life up, if you’re an adoptive parent, a grandparent, a sibling, a coach, a friend working to create the village, an aunt or uncle, and anything in between, we’re for you. If you care a whole lot, or just a tiny bit, about the future we're creating, we're right here alongside you.

Skwoodle Lis Dingjan

Lis Dingjan

Founder & Designer


Skwoodle Emily Safe

Emily Safe

Scientist & Manager


Lis and Emily run Skwoodle with the support of an incredible team of advisors and contributors who are core to this little studio and who we absolutely could not do this work without.
Skwoodle McKensie Mack

McKensie Mack

Anti-oppression Advisor


Skwoodle Eleanor Holmes

Eleanor Holmes

Equity Advisor


Skwoodle Adam Cross

Adam Cross



Skwoodle Petronella Bult

Petronella Bult

Senior Editor


Skwoodle Team

John Mills

Production Manager


We're not experts in everything and we certainly don't have the life experiences of everyone so we also see our role as pointing to the best resources and people across these fields for deeper work and learnings.
Skwoodle Bunrith Thy

Bunrith Thy

Community Manager


We’re a social enterprise and 50% of our profits are poured back into education, community projects, and our work in Cambodia.