Panther chameleon

🦎ANIMAL FACT🦎 This colorful creature is a panther chameleon, a species of chameleon found in the eastern and northern parts of Madagascar in a tropical forest biome. Their color patterns change with location, and the different colors of these chameleons are commonly referred to as ‘locales’, which are named after the geographical location in which they are found.⁠

Panther chameleons can be vibrant blue, red, green or orange but their are lot of different combination in other areas. Females generally remain tan and brown with hints of pink, peach, or bright orange, no matter where they are found, but there are slight differences in patterns and colors. Males in this species are larger and more vibrantly colored.⁠

Did you know that chameleons have uniquely formed feet that help them grip the branches they climb on? They have two toes on the outside of the foot, and three toes on the inside of the foot. This gives them a unique appearance, which looks incredibly similar to a pair of tongs!⁠

Source: Animalia