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Would anything be that different if women stopped changing their surnames to the mans last name when they get married (if marrying a male partner)? What if the men changed their last name to their wife's?

Gezellig (dutch) means a combination of cozy, joyful, inviting, warm and mostly relates to togetherness with friends and family.

Superb fairy-wren dads sing to their eggs to get more attentive chicks, and Superb fairy-wrens are adjusting their egg sizes for climate.

How will you make the world a better place today?

The African cheetah is the world’s fastest animal and one of the most amazing animals to watch. As a result of climate change, the animals they normally feed off are suffering so the cheetahs have had to change their diets.

What would movies look like if LGBTQIA+ identifying people wrote, created and produced them much more?

After Saya's mother is sent to an immigration detention center, Saya finds comfort in listening to her mother's warm greeting on their answering machine.

Find some rocks in or around the home and get painting like @petecromer does with his wonderful concrete sculptures. Pete's are called Druids - what will you name your collection?