In this time of staying home, we are so grateful that we can still find ways to see and learn new things! We love EarthCam because it allows us to virtually travel quiet cities across the world.

Nowhere is the fractured world more humanly embodied than in the refugee.

The Wing is a fantastic network of co-working and community spaces designed for women.

Finland has introduced the concept of “forest schools”.

Iceland has created a social movement to help teens to embrace sobriety and curb substance abuse.

This magical wonderland is Zhongshuge Book Store in Chengdu, China.

Some German kindergartens have started going toy free.

Nubo Playcentre is an innovative new educational play space that connects families through purposeful design and quality learning experiences.

This ​pastel-hued world of inspiration is Neobio Kids Restaurant in Shanghai, China. ​The goal is to keep kids occupied long before and after they have finished their meals! ​​

This colorful playground meets early childhood education centre is Family Box located in the residential area of Beijing CBD. This space provides an educational environment where children can enrich their imagination and curiosity!