The African cheetah is the world’s fastest animal and one of the most amazing animals to watch. As a result of climate change, the animals they normally feed off are suffering so the cheetahs have had to change their diets.

The Great Barrier Reef has suffered its third bleaching event in a few years and we want to make sure we get to protect the reef. If we all don't (including you), who will? ⁠

Koalas are at risk of going extinct in our lifetime. They need their habitat protected so we need to stop deforesting (taking away the trees) and building where they live.

Plastic pollution is a massive, global and urgent problem - the amount of plastic in our environment is increasing at an alarming rate!

Wangari Maathai is known for her roles as an environmentalist, feminist, politician, professor and human rights advocate. She was the first woman from East or Central Africa to earn a doctorate degree.

Did you know that 70% of all our oxygen comes from the ocean - mostly from a little thing called phytoplankton!

We only have one planet and we should treat it like we want to stay.

Activity suggestion: Head to the beach this weekend for a cleanup... and a swim if it's sunny in your part of the world.

Have you ever wondered why seashells sound like the ocean when you hold them up to your ear? The sound is created by echoes from sounds made in the environment.

Magma that escapes through a volcano and reaches the surface of the earth is called lava. How syrupy or watery the lava is depends on the type of rocks being melted.