A whole three quarters of the Earth is covered with water.

Polar bears are the charismatic icon of the Arctic and the largest living carnivores on Earth.

A volcano is an opening in the Earth’s surface from which gas, hot magma and ash can escape.

Did you know that the sun is 300,000 times the size of our planet?

Coral reefs are precious and vital to the earth. These reefs cover less than one percent of the ocean floor, but support about 25% of all marine creatures.

Plastic pollution is a massive, global and urgent problem - the amount of plastic in our environment is increasing at a alarming rate! When it enters the environment, plastic becomes a threat to wildlife conservation and can even end up in our food.

Ever wanted to glow in the dark? Around 75 species of mushrooms can! In one of nature's most secretive light shows, these mushrooms glow to attract spore-spreading bugs which spread the fungi's spores further afield.