We love being organ-ized, don't you?

We think this is an A+ joke.

According to Lego, six eight-stud Lego bricks can be combined into 915,103,765 different configurations!

We hope you think our jokes are “grate".

Never forget how special you are! YOU are the best gift and you can achieve anything you set your mind to (and that includes changing the world!).

What did the grape say when it got stepped on?

This ​pastel-hued world of inspiration is Neobio Kids Restaurant in Shanghai, China. ​The goal is to keep kids occupied long before and after they have finished their meals! ​​

Fancy a movie night next weekend? Pick a film (or a few) from a different country to watch and make your own popcorn to go with it! 🍿

Do you prefer snow or sun?

I'm terrified of elevators...I'll be taking steps to avoid them.