This awesome little site is well designed and is providing free access throughout all these school closures. There are so, so many lessons and they come with teaching ideas too.

Do you and the kids in your life like making things out of Lego? According to Lego, six eight-stud Lego bricks can be combined into 915,103,765 different configurations!

Did you know that 70% of all our oxygen comes from the ocean - mostly from a little thing called phytoplankton!

Have you ever wondered why seashells sound like the ocean when you hold them up to your ear? The sound is created by echoes from sounds made in the environment.

It turns out our X&Y chromosome are not what we thought they were and inside of all us lies the possibility to be the other sex. Listen to this!

Cucumbers are 96% water so eat them up when you're thirsty!

Jelly beans are shiny because they’re coated in shellac.

The ENIAC was the first computer.

A volcano is an opening in the Earth’s surface from which gas, hot magma and ash can escape.