Together, we’re doing
a whole lot of good.

Skwoodle Social Justice Kid Puzzles
While our products are creating waves of inspiration, activities, awareness and lessons across the globe, we also donate 50% of profits. We've only just launched so this will grow as we do.
Skwoodle Social Justice Kid Puzzles
Skwoodle Social Justice Kid Puzzles
Girls education

Our printer is also an incredible social enterprise. Each time we print our items, we fund many days of girls education in Cambodia.

240 days funded
Skwoodle Social Justice Kid Puzzles
Environment champions

We want to create a team of community champions in the local area of Cambodia where we work that are trained on climate action, biodiversity, agricultural resilience and eco bricking. Champions will share information, run local projects, hold workshops (which include supplying a necessary meal for the day) and work closely with families to improve living and environmental conditions.

1 champion funded | 1 eco bricking workshop
Skwoodle Social Justice Kid Puzzles
Product donations

Our products aren't cheap to make so part of our profits are used to fund the raw costs of items that we can donate to families, community groups and schools that aren't able to otherwise afford them. If you'd like to nominate, please email us.

Update coming
Skwoodle Social Justice Kid Puzzles
Family assistance

We are supporting families through providing funding for housing, food, mattresses, bicycles, businesses, school supplies and bridging the gap that exists in enabling university education.

2 families supported
Skwoodle Social Justice Kid Puzzles
School translations

Because we work in a rural area of Cambodia with significant biodiversity loss, plastic waste and a community working on gender equity, we've been asked to translate and print our posters for numerous schools. To do this, we need to pay our awesome Khmer translator, consult with our focus groups to make appropriate changes to the posters, and then print and distribute them.

Update coming
Skwoodle Social Justice Kid Puzzles

We have a focus on reducing our waste and emissions before we produce them. What we are offsetting is what we cannot currently reduce - our shipping. We'll be counting the kilograms here.

Update coming
What is a social enterprise?

We are! A set-up like this means you have a social mission and use commercial strategies to maximize community and environmental wellbeing. You must derive most of your profits from services or products (not grants, donations or government funding). These profits in turn are used to cover expenses and a significant portion of the rest should go to social good.

What is social impact?

Social impact is a positive change on a social challenge, or the net benefit on a community on individual wellbeing as the result of an acitivity. We believe everybody, and every business, has a social impact. Many are negative, some are positive and some neutral. We'd like ours to be good for the planet.

We’re not saving the world

We're not a perfect studio but we consider everything our responsibility as a business that is making things. While we have covered a lot, we would like to continue improving in all the smaller areas too. It's important to remember though that we are not saving the world by doing this. We're simply acting at the minimum all organizations should. None of us are saviours. We are helping to protect our planet, and all its' species, from ourselves. We want all of us to be interested in the nature that we are part of, inspired by the stories of incredible womxn, and feeling comfortable to question the systems that hold us back from thriving.

Check out our transparency

We’re a social enterprise and 50% of our profits are poured back into education, community projects, and our work in Cambodia.