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Do you prefer snow or sun?

Coral reefs are precious and vital to the earth. These reefs cover less than one percent of the ocean floor, but support about 25% of all marine creatures.

We need to live in a world with fewer selfies and more #otherpeoplies! Meeting new people and hearing their stories is a fantastic way to learn more about the world and expand your horizons!

Don't be discouraged by life's little stings, get back up and spread your wings! - Meet Mikaila a 13 year old social entrepreneur, bee ambassador, educator, student and CEO of Me & The Bees Lemonade.

You, like the little caterpillar, will grow up, unfold your wings and fly off into the future - Eric Carle (author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar)

Try something new - pop as many colors as you can on a plate for dinner or a weekend breakfast or lunch! Think green, orange, purple, yellow and red to get you started!

I'm terrified of elevators...I'll be taking steps to avoid them.

Plastic pollution is a massive, global and urgent problem - the amount of plastic in our environment is increasing at a alarming rate! When it enters the environment, plastic becomes a threat to wildlife conservation and can even end up in our food.

A small change can make a huge difference. Sometimes it may feel easier to stick with the familiar, but one person making positive choices can kickstart change and thought in the people around them.

What would change in your life without plumbing? (Ponderings are our way of posing questions to look at things through a different lens or from another angle).