What would your city look like if women designed it?

PONDERING// What would your city look like if women designed it?

Maybe more green spaces? Safer ways to get home and walk around? More public areas? Beautiful child care centres close to lots of work buildings?

(Ponderings are our way of posing questions to look at things through a different lens or from another angle).

Take action

1. Ask your kids or class (or self!) what they think this would look like. How would cities look? What changes would happen? What do they think women would implement more of in cities? Less of? Why aren’t cities designed more by women? Who designs cities anyway? How are they chosen? 

2. Look up programs in your local area that run workshops or extra-curricular lessons on city design & architecture. There are some great classes for kids these days like this.

3. Go find your local town planning association. How many women are involved here? If you can’t see online, work together with your parents (or kids) to email them or call them and ask. Are there female decision makers (same goes for non-binary, LGBTQI identifying people etc)? Does this seem a fair representation of most of the people who make up the local population to design the town or city?



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