What would change in your life without plumbing?

What would change in your life without plumbing? (Ponderings are our way of posing questions to look at things through a different lens or from another angle).

Take action

1. Ask your kids or class what they think life would be like. What changes would happen? What extra things would they need to do? What couldn’t they do? What would be good about it? Bad about it? Would they invent something to help? Who would need the most help?

2. This article goes through all our main plumbing in life and how you would live without it (in the kitchen, the bathroom and laundry).

3. 2.4 billion students and families around the world live without toilets – something plumbing is essential for! Take a look at this National Geographic piece on why that’s dangerous – and photos of life without.

4. Switch to Who Gives a Crap toilet paper in your family and at school! 50% of all their products go back to building toilets in the developing world and they’re plastic free!


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