Skwoodle - Card Decks - Curious Creatures Animals Kids Learning Educational Toys Montessori
Skwoodle - Card Decks - Curious Creatures Animals Kids Learning Educational Toys Montessori
Skwoodle - Card Decks - Curious Creatures Animals Kids Learning Educational Toys Montessori
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Curious creatures


This beautiful deck includes twenty cards with key facts on intriguing animals along with research prompts. Also inside the deck is a small arts + craft project, a game of charades and activities to expand on the learning and how we can protect these animals. Designed to engage kids and then grow their understanding of our incredible ecosystems further, these cards also look wonderful when displayed in one of our handcrafted wooden blocks (or taped up on the wall).

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Shipping & Packaging

This deck will be sent to you in a home compostable mailer, or recyclable box depending on your order. We use paper tape where required.

You’ll receive an email as soon as your package has been sent to you!


The cards in this deck are made from 100% recycled paper and vegetable based inks on a thick stock. It is shipped plastic free to us. The card decks are shipped via boat to save on emissions and are recyclable. We offset our shipping emissions to you.


The decks are printed ethically in Australia by a wonderful social enterprise. The boxes are printed with an ethical manufacturer in Hong Kong.


50% of the profits from each deck sale are donated to our projects in a rural area of Cambodia and other social and environmental work. The printing of your deck also funds education for girls in Cambodia.

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Teacher and bulk discounts

Adding eight or more card decks (of any variety) in your cart will automatically apply 20% off the cost. If you’re looking for wholesale for your shop please check out this page and apply to become a retailer.

Product specifications

The cards inside this deck are 100mm x 100mm. They are printed onto 600gsm luxuriously thick stock. The box has a lid and base.

Product transparency

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Business costs include most of the other expenses to get this product to you. That includes staff salaries and social justice consultants, studio rent, a little marketing, production samples, paying for accountants, software, website upkeep, and a whole lot more. Why only most? Our time in designing these isn't accounted for nor additional shipping expenses we need to absorb and other costs that crop up constantly. Business life! The difference between the cost here and the product price is so that small retail outlets can also sell our products. All figures are USD. We're a social enterprise and our profits are poured into community projects.

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We’re a social enterprise and 50% of our profits are poured back into education, community projects, and our work in Cambodia.