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This is me poster
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This poster is for you to print for the kids or students in your life. It’s their job to color it in and write their answers in the space provided…or wherever their art takes them! They’ll be a Skwoodle kid joining the rest of the awesome bunch. It’s a digital download that will be provided to you via email instantly. Please feel welcome to print these for your space.

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The download for this PDF file will be emailed to you automatically after purchase.


Please print this poster at your home, school, office or local printing store. It is created with the correct settings for print. Please note this poster may not be printed or resold commercially.


This poster has been designed by us and reviewed by a bias advisor.


Your purchase contributes to our fund to provide printed goods to community organizations. Thank you so much.


This poster asks kids (with the supervision of adults) to think about their pronouns, bravery, gratefulness, favorite things and the concept of safe adults.

Teacher and bulk discounts

No need for bulk discounts on this one! Please purchase and print copies for your personal use only.

Product specifications

This poster is set to A4 sizing for easy printing for any context with the kids (perfect for a classroom or after school activity) and fits standard frames.

Product transparency

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Business costs include most of the other expenses to get this product to you. That includes staff salaries and social justice consultants, studio rent, a little marketing, production samples, paying for accountants, software, website upkeep, and a whole lot more. Why only most? Our time in designing these isn't accounted for nor additional shipping expenses we need to absorb and other costs that crop up constantly. Business life! The difference between the cost here and the product price is so that small retail outlets can also sell our products. All figures are USD. We're a social enterprise and our profits are poured into community projects.

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We’re a social enterprise and 50% of our profits are poured back into education, community projects, and our work in Cambodia.