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P.S. That little symbol between our email and domain is otherwise known as an apenstaartje in Dutch. Translation? A monkey’s tail. But of course.


Just as an effervescent tablet is waiting for the water before it shrieks with bubbling glee, we are biding our time in anticipation of learning more. Use the delicate tap of your finger or click your (very) domesticated mouse, to stock up on our goods.

We’d be delighted to delight you but please bear in mind that in order to reduce emissions, we do not accept returns for change-of-mind purchases. If something very unfortunate has happened however, please provide the story within seven days of receipt. As long as we can gift them onto others again so their enchantment can continue, please email us with your order details. The cost of returning your goods back to us will befall on you, but we’ll refund your original order minus the initial shipment if agreed.

We rarely command our brushes this way, but if you’re feeling game and have something special, you are permitted to tempt us. We do however take suggestions on product lines and ideas you’d like to see addressed.

Firstly, thank you for educating our upcoming generations – and current adults! Secondly, please review our discounts for educators here.

With good glee we await your nudge. Please pour your brain into our minds here.

Oh yes, oh yes. Simply by spreading these goods around you are already engaging in a world we should all learn to grow in. But even more, you’re spreading joy to many other places. Make for a tea and take a gander over here.

With great gifting powers comes the responsibility to shift that responsibility unto us. When paying for these goods, please let us know who we’re sending to, where we might locate them, and your note to make their day. We’ll wrap them all lovely and advise you once your gift is on its merry way.


Good question friend, we’re pleased you asked. Take like a pirate to a treasure map and make your way unto the gold (hint: that’s our products). There you’ll find curious little toggles that will reveal what composes the item. We care deeply about the planet we share with you so everything is as sustainable as we could make it within our scallop sized atelier.

Why but of course. There is no sustainability without ethics. Wander through our product details and enclosed within you’ll find the impact we’re making together. May we also guide you to our impact page?

We only bury treasure so our costs have no secrets to spill. On each product page you’ll find our charming accountant (a resident anteater) has carefully deconstructed where the silver is spent. And what are business costs and why do I pay more than the total price of raw elements? We’d like to take you on a journey to this stop.

Like a little armadillo, a poster might stay in its comfortable rolled up shape for a little while. To coax it out into the world, we recommend some soothing sounds whilst sipping on a freshly squeezed juice and preparing for the entrance in a spacious…space. Upon slipping out of shape, you may place several heavy books on either end (we recommend Simone de Beauvoir or one of these) and keep it rested for but a few days. You could also select a more daring task and roll the poster the opposite direction before gently letting it unfurl before your eyes one small-handed round of the clock later. Framing this paper? You can slip the poster behind the glass and it will flatten on command. Any which way, voila, you have a pancake poster.

We understand that roaming packs of wolves may be peeking inside for an opportune time to nimbly nip a card. Or children were involved. We offer replacement cards so your deck or matching game finds itself whole again. Replacements are $3 and we’ll post them your way for approximately $5 (depending on where we may find you on this planet). Please email us to bring your cards back together.

Shipping & Packaging

We don’t wish to pinch any of your pennies so we’ve absorbed as much as we can and kept everything simple. It’s flat rate shipping of $10/€10/£10 to your rounded corner of the world (whichever currency you choose, you’ll find this figure at check out). 👀 Keep your eyes peeled for two special free shipping weekends throughout the year. We can wander into your inbox to let you know if that takes your fancy. Signup in the footer below.

In 2021 we’ll be working on having a European base for half of our goodies (a pandemic may have tampered with our plans) so for now, shipment is as follows:

Australia: 2 to 7 days
New Zealand: 7 to 15 days
USA: 9 to 25 days (depending on weight)
Europe: 8 to 25 days (depending on weight)
UK: 8 to 25 days (depending on weight)

We can express post across the world in 2 – 5 days if you’re happy to pay extra to cover this shipping rate. Just let us know in your order (or via email) and we’ll organize an invoice and zip the goods over to you!

Please note that you are responsible for any import duties and taxes in your country if these are applied.

With as little packaging as possible. We want to delight you when these items are in your hands. We don’t want piles of packaging to end up delicately thrown into your waste bin the moment you tear open your goods. Depending on your order, you’ll receive it in a home compostable satchel, recyclable box or triangular tube.

How do we know the triangle shape is correct? Because it’s a right triangle. We promise our goods are better than our jokes.

Our packers (hi, that’s us!) were colored surprised with how often circular tubes go missing in the mail. These hardened packing hands of ours wish to shower your items with heart rather than call post offices around the globe. Hedwig delivers the goods far more, and with less crushing, in this style of postal finery.

Occasionally Hedwig hands over her duties or flies through an otherworldly storm. This may result in wanton damage to your fine wares. You could pen us a letter, or you could click on the camera and send through clear images of the cruelty within seven days of the delivery. We’ll say a little adieu and slip a replacement over the rainbow.

Right! But we still make things look pretty and perfect or gifting. Our puzzles are beautifully packed in brown paper for example and our posters are wrapped like a bonbon in tissue paper!

We want to delight you when these items are in your hands so we don’t want piles of packaging to end up delicately thrown into your waste bin the moment you tear open your goods. Depending on your order, you’ll receive it in a home compostable satchel, recyclable box or triangular tube and it may be wrapped up beautifully in tissue or brown paper. We recycle paper and cardboard fillers we receive from shipments, reuse any paper waste we collect, and pack larger orders in boxes we’ve collected. We’d like to encourage you to reuse everything you can too.

That might mean you receive boxes with other brand names or paper waste with lots of text – we’re doing our bit to keep things going in the chain and in use as long as possible!