Women you should know

We know there is so much going on in the world right now and it may feel difficult to know what to talk to about. When we talk about it constructively though kids can generally handle multiple topics and absorb what they need to know for their age and we really need to do this. This education comes from the day they are born no matter if we are consciously doing so or not – it’s all around us, in how we act, who we spend our lives with, and what we choose to discuss or not.⁠

We must continue to listen to the voices and experiences of Black people. It is on all of us to teach history, fairness, empathy, justice, equity, activism and how to respond to racism. There are so many incredible books these days for both young children and young adults on understanding these experiences, and experts, including anti-oppression advisors, teachers and psychologists, that create content specifically for this. If you’re looking for something specific, please pop us your question and we’ll point you in a few directions.⁠

In our #womenyoushouldknow series we feature stories from women across the world. Women have regularly been left off the pages of history, gone unacknowledged and, though improved, most of us still face issues of a similar nature today.⁠

Women of color face even more barriers and experience even less representation and recognition.⁠

So today here’s a small collection of Black women in America we should all know. Look up their names and dig into their stories. Read books, watch documentaries and listen to podcasts. There is an enormous trove of resources for both adults, tweens and teens on these womxn – we’d love to hear one thing you learned.


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