There is no sustainability without transparency. We're a tiny business, we know our supply chain, we craft as responsibly as possible, and we reduce before we produce.
Skwoodle Social Justice Kid Puzzles

Product pricing

We haven't got anything to hide in our prices so we're taking a little time to show you the breakdown of the making of each product. If this little studio grows, the product pricing will change a little over time as with higher quantities, we're able to leverage lower pricing in some areas. As we're doing everything ethically and sustainably though, many things have only a little possible price movement. Each product on our site shows you a breakdown like the below so you can see what everything costs and how we arrive at the selling price.

Skwoodle Social Justice Kid Puzzles
Business costs

Business costs include other expenses to get this product to you like paying staff and social justice consultants, studio and storage, marketing, production samples, accountants, software (so many subscriptions are needed), website maintenance and a whole lot more. Our time in designing these isn't accounted for and other costs crop up constantly that don't fit into the total cost here. Half of our profit is donated and the majority of the rest helps to cover extra expenses, product development and a little rainy day fund.


Wholesale is the price for retailers that buy bulk of these products. This is usually double the raw costs so that the business making the goods (us) has just enough to cover expenses. The wholesale cost is then doubled at the retail store so that shop can in turn cover their shop rent, salaries, marketing and other costs. You might see that we don't always fit this margin as our raw costs are higher than mass-consumed goods but we're eager to get these products out to as many people as we can as a little enterprise that isn't obsessed with profit.


We care deeply about our environment and believe it is the responsibility of businesses, no matter their size, to choose sustainable materials rather than pass this on to the person enjoying the items. This requires more time, research and a little extra cost in the product but is the only way we will create a planet we can all thrive on. On each product page you'll also find a break down of the materials in the product.

Paper stock and ink

Our paper stocks for decks and posters are made from 100% recycled stock. They are uncoated and printed with vegetable based inks. These items can be recycled or composted in the right conditions at home.

Boxes and decks

Our puzzle boxes and decks are made from recyclable card stock. As rigid boxes they won't compost due to the printing but can be recycled at most facilities.


Our custom illustrated washi tape for hanging posters is made from natural fibres. We're currently checking in our own gardens if this can be composted at home. The core is made from cardboard. Packaging tape is paper tape and can be composted at home.


We use three styles of packaging to ship your goods. Home compostable satchels, recyclable triangular poster tubes and recyclable boxes made partially (wherever possible) from post-consumer waste. All can be composted or boxes can be recycled. The packaging stickers are home compostable too.

Thank you cards

The thank you cards you receive with your order, or for your gift messages, are made from 100% recycled cotton t-shirt off-cuts. They are uncoated and we're making sure you can home compost them with tests (due to the ink).


Whilst our stickers for packaging are compostable, our stickers on tubes are currently not. We use them as sparingly as possible (so you may receive yours without) and only where needed (at the markets for example). As soon as we can reach higher order quantities, these will be compostable versions.

Wood and twine

The wood for our timber products is safely collected from homes that are being dismantled, and invasive trees that have been removed in conjunction with Indigenous groups. It has been blessed in a smoking ceremony and the wood is air dried (which can take months). We have partnered with an incredible local guy who gathers everything and helps us select the ideal pieces and the stories behind them. We craft the timber items ourselves and treat it with pure linseed oil and no chemicals. Our twine for the hanging frames is 100% pure hemp. All can be composted at home.

Read our wood story (coming soon!)

Ethical labor

There is no sustainability without ethical labor. We also believe that if we can pay people well, that they in turn can use their salaries to thrive (within planetary boundaries), and donate their time and money to important causes. Currently our expenses exceed our revenue (having just launched) but if we grew we would also ensure there is a cap on salaries (the highest paid earner may earn no more than four times the lowest, adjusted for location). We know where all our labor exists and most is conducted by our core team which we can control for. Our account manager in Hong Kong for our puzzles is lovely and all certifications have been sighted and met, along with photos, but we'd love to verify this in person one day too.

Skwoodle Social Justice Kid Environment Posters School Beautiful Design Skwoodle Social Justice Kid Environment Posters School Beautiful Design Skwoodle Social Justice Kid Environment Posters School Beautiful Design

Our team

Our little crew is unbelievably committed, passionate, caring and resourceful. Everyone here volunteers in the rare spare time they have - from helping to conserve species, to getting out the vote, and running projects to help create a more inclusive world - and that blows us away. We want to get to a position where we can enable everyone to do more (or less). As we grow, we can keep bettering this. We're so grateful you're in this with us.

Studio hours

We're very relaxed on working hours and believe people should be able to decide where and when they work. We don't subscribe to constant productivity growth but we do believe in following the sun, getting outside and growing and cooking our own food. In Cambodia, we ensure that champions only work up to 35 hours per week. We embrace period-and-netflix days and we all work virtually most of the year. If you're contacting us you'll hear back as quickly as possible, within a few days.

Pay & profits

We're only teeny tiny but we pay industry standard wages or above no matter where the location and we pay for subscriptions and office gear wherever we can. Our social justice consultants are paid according to their own rates and we're extremely grateful to rely on the help of a botanist and editor who currently volunteer their time. Half of our profit is donated, a percentage will be paid to key staff as part of a profit share to supplement salary, and the rest helps to cover extra expenses, product development and a little rainy day fund.

We’re not saving the world

We're not a perfect studio but we consider everything our responsibility as a business that is making things. While we have covered a lot, we would like to continue improving in all the smaller areas too. It's important to remember though that we are not saving the world by doing this. We're simply acting at the minimum all organizations should. None of us are saviours. We are helping to protect our planet, and all its' species, from ourselves. We want all of us to be interested in the nature that we are part of, inspired by the stories of incredible womxn, and feeling comfortable to question the systems that hold us back from thriving.

Check out our impact

We’re a social enterprise and 50% of our profits are poured back into education, community projects, and our work in Cambodia.