Ada Lovelace was an English mathematician

✨SKWOODLE WOMAN ✨ Ada Lovelace was an English mathematician best known for her work on Charles Babbage’s proposed mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine. In 1843, Ada published what we would now call a computer program.⁠

Whilst Babbage had written fragments of program, Ada’s was the most complete, most elaborate and the first published. Ada was the first person to see the creative potential of the Analytical Engine so that it could not only calculate numbers, but with the right programming it could create music and art.⁠

Her vision of these possibilities went unrecognized for a century. We hope that by talking about women in STEM, like Ada, raises awareness about the amazing achievements of our often unsung heroines! Young kids (particularly girls) should see that that there are real opportunities for them in STEAM subjects, at school, university, and work.⁠

All of us here at Skwoodle work in STEAM and love telling others about the amazing work done by those who have been least recognized. The more we see, the more we can aspire to for this!⁠