Cathy Freeman

“Growing up I had the opportunity to experience quality educational opportunities and the support to go with it. By going to school, I was able to recognise my potential as an athlete and fulfil my dream of achieving Olympic gold. Attending school opens up opportunities to learn, experience life and allows children to explore their talents. I believe education is the key to a positive pathway.” – Cathy Freeman

From a young age, Cathy Freeman had one dream: to compete in the Olympic Games. She won her first gold medal at a school athletics championship when she was eight years old and went on to become an Australian Legend! In 2000, Cathy competed in the Sydney Olympic Games where she became the first Aboriginal Australian to win an individual Olympic gold medal. Her victory raised the profile of indigenous peoples worldwide and made an enduring mark on women’s athletics. Throughout the past 10 years, the Cathy Freeman Foundation has helped Indigenous children secure a full education, fulfill their potential in school and beyond and realise their dreams too.