Jane Goodall

✨SKWOODLE WOMAN✨ We are forever inspired by @janegoodallinst for her conservation work. One of us has been lucky enough to spend a little time on a trek with the gorillas in Rwanda and it was life changing. Imagine having a job you’re so passionate about and getting to help protect animals.⁠

When we speak to tweens and teens about careers we’re so used to do this so orderly and at such an abstract level. We rarely get down into the detail of how you can figure out what you might want to do and everything that’s available. Try chatting to the tweens in your life about what they love doing now. Do they love researching or explaining things? Caring for pets? Are they always running down to the ocean before or after school? Looking at buildings and thinking about how they could be different or do they always have your hands covered in paint? ⁠

Finding this ‘flow’ zone when we get lost in what we’re doing gives an excellent indication of that kinds of things we like doing; and often that can apply to a whole lot of different passions and jobs 🙂


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